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At Last, The Secret To Come Back Route Is Revealed!

May 24, 2018


The next route we're gonna talk about is the comeback route.

Many offenses have it, very few guys wear it properly.

We turn that comeback route into out route too many times.

We stick it and then we start drifting towards the sideline too much at a 90 degree.

Putting the foot in the ground getting back 45 down the stem and then we make a play on that ball. So, let's walk through the proper way to run that comeback route and let show the proper angle we should take getting out on that break to create a separation to make a play  on the ball.


Once again, remember we don't want to get the top of the route bring down, our different sideline here ..that's just a bad out route.

Our comeback route, we want to get to the top of the break

1,2. Back down to stillment 45 make a play.


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